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India's Leading Brand for Traffic Safety Markings

“Safety” – the most crucial aspect, yet the most compromised one!


The focus on traffic safety incorporates many initiatives to reduce traffic incursions. Among such initiatives is the quality of traffic markings which is extremely important to achieve incredibly high levels of safety that the traffic sector strives for.

With an extensive global business exposure equipped with our experience in manufacturing High-Quality Thermoplastic and Liquid markings for Traffic safety in the USA, we decided to manufacture Water and Solvent-based paints in India keeping the same quality standards, primarily with a focus on critical application areas such as Airports, Kerb markings, and Seaports where safety has always been the need of the hour.

Since our inception in 2014, our focus has always been exclusively towards formulating Water Based & Solvent Based Paint suitable for heavy traffic flow and adverse weather conditions complementing international quality standards which are tested and approved in terms of their performance and durability.


Further, our association with Graco Inc. USA, the world leader of fluid handling equipment, helped us in understanding the nuances of the application of such paints and helped us in formulating our products suitable for mechanized applications.

We consistently strive to maintain our quality standards and work with zero tolerance defects. Our persistent efforts in manufacturing paints that not only comply with the required standards but exceed your expectations have made ITS Coatings become one of the five vendors approved by the Airport Authority of India for the supply of Airport Marking Paint.


Within a short span, ITS Coatings is perhaps the only Indian company to have international approval for our paints and has been successfully supplying to major airports across India and exporting to foreign airports too.

Not only paints, a complete Spectrum of Allied products for the Traffic Safety Industry!

We are perhaps the only company that integrates all the crucial elements required to achieve international standard traffic markings by offering:

  • High-performance Liquid Traffic Marking Paints

  • High adherent Primer for all types of traffic marking paints

  • Tested and approved Drop On Glass Beads with excellent retro-reflectivity

  • Advanced technology equipment from top-notch international manufacturers; Graco Inc | USA and Jiangsu Luxinda | China for application & removal of paints.

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