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Traffic Safety is critical in any growing economy and India is no exception. With thousands of new cars on the road each day and new roads/highways being constructed, the need for safer roads continues to evolve in a dynamic India. Safety on the roads can only be ensured if good quality markings with high visibility are adopted by our regulatory bodies.

After studying the options available for traffic safety markings in India, we realised that there was an unmet demand for high quality markings which the traditional paint companies were unable to meet as Traffic Paints is a very specialized area and needs a completely different understanding and expertise, not available with most regular paint manufacturers. Consequently, in June 2014, ITS commenced manufacture of Speciality Water Based and Solvent Based Traffic Paints with a focus on the Airports and Seaports segment where high quality markings contribute hugely to the safety of man and machine. The company promoters collectively have over 70 years of  business experience in domestic and international business and almost 18 years related to traffic markings.

Our philosophy at ITS Coatings is to offer premium quality Water Based and Solvent Based materials together with professional mechanized application services for Airports, Seaports, Roads and other potentially important applications such as Warehouses, Indoor and Outdoor industrial areas, Parking lots, etc.

​ITS coatings is proud to have associated with Graco, the world leader in the field of traffic paint application equipment’s for ensuring best in the class quality installation services. We are perhaps the only company which offers a comprehensive combination of following elements required to achieve International Standard Traffic Markings:


- High Performance Paint

- Finest Quality Glass Beads

- Mechanized Application services


Bicycle and Bus Lane solutions ..... Our newest offering


We have very recently introduced the most innovative and trend setting Lane Demarcation products for Bus and Bicycle Lane Markings which are gaining tremendous importance internationally.

We have also introduced for the first time in India – High Friction Surface Treatment, a highly effective life-saving technology which reduces road fatalities by creating considerable surface friction on the road, particularly on wet, curved and accident prone spots.

​​With the concept of smart cities being adopted by the Government of India, we believe this product line holds tremendous potential in the years to come.

We will strive hard to create awareness of the importance of safety markings and encourage our customers to take the "Zero Accident Pledge".

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