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High Retro reflectivity

Easily Compatible

For Indian Needs

Enhance night-time visibility on Roads: A tailor made solution to reduce accidents and increase driving comfort
Instaglo® Glass Beads provide uniform retro reflectivity in all conventional road marking materials. These beads are dropped on the surface of the paint for optimum penetration.
Instaglo® Drop on glass beads comply to: BS 6088/1981 
Type – 2 and CI.803.4.3.3 of MOST specifications
Salient Features: 
  • Moisture resistant
  • Free flowing properties
  • Superior adhesion on markings
  • Excellent retro reflectivity
  • Application on roads, airports, sea ports, parking lots
  • Works well with water based traffic paint and thermoplastic markings
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Retro-reflectivity with Instaglo

Retro Reflectivity with drop on glass beads
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