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Lux® :

Reflective Drop on Glass Beads

Excellent Retro-reflectivity

Superior Adhesion

Consistent Quality

Lux® Reflective Drop on Glass Beads, MORTH 803.4.3 - Type II & BS6088B Compliant
The Weissker group of companies ("Weissker") is one of the world leaders in manufacturing of glass beads for road marking.Weissker's multiple manufacturing operations use various methods to assure the highest quality product in the industry.
All products comply with various international quality standards including EN1423 and EN 1424.
The quality management system is TÜV certified according to ISO 9001:2000. The products conformity to the standards is being constantly verified through the tests carried out by independent laboratories in Russia and Europe.
High performances and stable quality of the products, flexibility to meet specific requirements of the customers and in-house research and development activity enable Weissker to hold a unique position in the glass beads market.
Salient Features: 
  • Manufactured from Recycled Glass
  • MORTH 803.4.3 - Type II & BS6088B Compliant
  • Consistent quality with good reflectivity and low gas & air inclusion
  • Advanced coating system technology which provides for high level adhesion to the road marking materials.
  • Moisture resistant
  • Free flowing properties
  • Superior adhesion on markings
  • Excellent retro reflectivity
  • Application on roads, airports, sea ports, parking lots
  • Works well with liquid traffic marking paints and thermoplastic road marking paint
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