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 Revolutionizing Roads: Unveiling Our Partnership with Hoffman Marking Systems!

HOFMANN MARKING SYSTEMS are the European innovators & leaders in Line Marking Systems for the following range of traffic safety paint applications:

Hofmann Equipment India

Since 1952 HOFMANN have been supplying road markings equipment and gained international recognition as a qualified partner in all aspects of road marking technology.

Road markings systems by Hofmann are being deployed in different fields. Not only typical road markings are covered, but also airport markings, construction markings and parking lot markings.

Their product range encompasses versatile range of equipment for road and line markings: from small, hand-controlled and self-propelled machines to road marking trucks for heavy-duty usage.

H33-4 Airless Spray Equipment for Airport Markings

  • Most compact machine with very high capacities and excellent hill climbing ability 

  • 5 Airless pumps with 90 cm wide line marker unit with 4 paint guns as well as further 12 paint guns for different colours: white, red, blue, yellow and black, for taxi ways and safety lines


H33 Airport_edited.jpg
H33 Airport.jpg

H18-2 Airless Spray Equipment for Airport Markings

  • A compact, narrow and maneuverable machine with medium-sized capacities

  • 2 x 225 ltr tank for use with 100 cm wide line marker

  • 4 paint guns with roller discs each as well as an additional paint gun for black/yellow/black "taxiways"


2K50A / 2K60A for two component MMA Markings

Hand-guided, self-propelled 2-component cold plastic machine for agglomerate, plain lines or profiled markings for the application of premixed 2-component material for smaller marking jobs and in sectors of advanced safety standards

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H9-1 for sprayable thermoplastic paint

Hand-guided, self-propelled marking machine for small varied marking jobs


H16-3 for sprayable thermoplastic paint

A narrow, manoeuverable machine with small capacities

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