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iTraff ™ :

Low Maintenance

High Performance

Long Life

Premium Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint: Formulated for Indian Conditions

iTraff™ is a premium Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint formulated for Indian conditions. The composition of iTraff™ traffic paints makes them environmentally friendly and easy to apply with conventional and airless spray techniques.
iTraff™ is a fast-drying, durable, and ready mixed product recommended for striping on Airports, Roads, or other traffic surfaces including parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, and temporary markings. It can be applied over asphalt, Portland cement, and concrete pavements.
The iTraff™ range comprises various grades suited for all types of application requirements.
  • iTraff ECOPRO – KR is an acrylic waterborne paint specially designed for Kerb / Road Marking applications
  • iTraff™ PRO AP is an acrylic waterborne paint complying with the Indian IS-164 standards

  • iTraff™ RAPIDE is an extremely fast dry, durable 100% acrylic retro-reflective waterborne paint, which meets the US Federal TT-P-1952 standard.

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Choice of 8 colors available & more colors can be customized based on the requirement

Key Features

  • Non Flammable

  • High Visibility​​

  • Good Wear & Weathering Resistance

  • Ready To Use

  • Longer Glass Retention

  • Suitable for direct application on Asphalt and Concrete Roads

   Applications of iTraff™
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