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iTraff ™ :

iraff solvent base traffic paint for road, kerb markings

Low Maintenance

High Performance

long life

Premium Quality Solvent Based Paint: Formulated for Indian Conditions

The iTraff™ range of Solvent Based Paint comprises various grades suited for all types of application requirements.
  • iTraff™ Rapisol: A pure acrylic paint which is extremely fast drying, highly durable and dirt resistant.
  • iTraff™ ProSol: A onventional dry (non-heat applied) solvent-based Traffic Paint conforming to IS-164 specifications.
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Kerb Markings
Highways / PWD roads
   Applications of iTraff™
Temporary Markings
Parking Lots
Cycle Tracks
   iTraff™ Technical Specifications
itraff solvent based paint
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