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Advanced Technology

Better Quality 

Enhanced Productivity 

Access the world leading traffic paint application equipment from Graco in India through ITS Coatings

ITS Coatings is excited to be associated with Graco, the world leader in the field of traffic paint application equipments for ensuring best in the class quality installation services. 

Founded in 1926, Graco is a world leader in fluid handling systems and components. Graco products move, measure, control, dispense and apply a wide range of fluids and viscous materials used in vehicle lubrication, commercial and industrial settings.


The company’s success is based on its unwavering commitment to technical excellence, world-class manufacturing and unparalleled customer service. Working closely with qualified distributors, Graco offers systems, products and technology that set the quality standard in a wide range of fluid handling solutions.

Graco provides equipment for spray finishing, protective coating, paint circulation, lubrication, and dispensing sealants and adhesives, along with power application equipment for the contractor industry.


Graco’s ongoing investment in fluid management and control will continue to provide innovative solutions to a diverse global market. Graco machines not only save labor and time, drastically but also ensure uniformity and accuracy of traffic markings thereby enhancing line quality and aesthetics.


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LineLazer® ES 1000 

 Ideal for :
        Factories & Warehouses – indoor striping
        Nighttime – where noise is a concern
        Any job where battery-powered benefi ts are desired
Linelazer es 1000

Powered by a 12V 100 Ah AGM high-output battery

“Go Green” with this quiet, fume-free striper!

Indoor/outdoor, day or night!

Advanced pressure control system delivers consistent
spray fan resulting in unmatched line quality

No Engine Fumes
No Engine Noise
No Engine vibratioon

Innovative gun adjustment design with “G” Clamp
holder system

Professional Airless Line Striping Systems 

Material Sprayed:

  • Water based Coatings

  • Rubberized Coatings

  • Solvent Based Coatings

  • High Solid Coatings

  • Sport Field Line Marking     

Type of marking machines available:
      Walk behind Marking Machines – Graco Line Lazer3900, 5900&             200HS
      Self- Driven Marking Machines – Graco LineLazer250DC & 250SPS.
      Truck Mounted Marking Machines – Graco RoadlazerRoadpak.

ThermoLazer® : Thermoplastic Road Markings

Leading in the liquid marking equipments Graco has introduced a walk behind and Ride- On thermoplastic marking machine with innovative features.

    Thermolazer Promelt/ 300 with Line Driver HD- Semi Automatic Ride On       Machines.
    Thermolazer 200/ 200TC- Push Behind Manual Machines with Innovative       Features.


To complete the package to the  marking industry , Graco has introduced  Grindlazer that can remove rubber deposits, old lines , from paint to thermoplastic  lines.


Three ranges of equipment available for  higher outputs from 500 mtrs/hr to 2000 meters/hr outputs, these equipment can be push type of driven by the same driver 

No-Groove Line Eraser

The RC Series Grindlazers work on both asphalt as well as concrete surfaces. 

When used on runway ,the high pressure water blasting machines causes reduction in binding property of bitumen due to water ingress at high pressure causing the loosening of aggregate and development of pot holes later but the RC Series Grindlazer does line removal without causing any such disintegration .


When water blaster is used on the taxiway , the high pressure water causes micro –cracks in the concrete , while Graco RC Series Grindlazer does the job without causing micro cracks. 

Water blast Application result


The RC Series Grindlazers are available in two series, the professional series models  for medium size line removal jobs and the RC Series 820H &1640 H skid –loader for jobs that require high production rate .


  • All-steel frame

  • Rotary cut for removal of lines without grooves

  • Independent adjustment for pitch, depth and pressure – giving you total control

  • Swing-style adjustable handlebars

  • Tilt-up chassis design for easy cutter changes

  • Maintenance free sealed main bearings

  • Heavy-duty dual tensioned drive belt

  • Vacuum port  for dust debris free line removal.

  • Dual purpose tachometer/hour meter

Typical Applications

  • Erase and remove markings, prepare surfaces for marking

no-groove line eraser

GRACO RC820 and RC1640 Rotary -Airfield Marking Removal Systems:



No-Groove Line Eraser

  • Single rotary cutter head removes lines without leaving any grooves

  • Independent adjustment for pitch, depth and pressure offers ultimate control and no-damage removal on a wide range of surfaces

Multi-point Depth Control System

  • Multi-point depth adjustment for accurate depth control

  • Spring suspension allows the cutters to float on the surface

Low-Flow Hydraulic system

  • Standard quick connections allows an easy operation off most low-flow hydraulic systems (70 lpm/18 gpm)

Jobsite Tough Design

  • Heavy-duty all-steel frame will hold up to the harsh jobsite environment 

Universal Bob-Tach® attachment

  • Quick-Attach, tool-free Backplate connection to most skid loader equipment

Vacuum Port for Dust Removal

  • Allows for connection of a LazerVac vacuum system for the reduction of airborne dust

No-Groove Line Eraser

When used in conjunction with the GrindLazer family of products, Graco’s LazerVac  550 Honda Engine Driven Vacuum  system  cleans away  dust and debris.



  • OSHA Compliant for Silica Dust*

  • Industrial, non-clogging filter design

  • Quick, tool-less filter replacement

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