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Blower and Sweeper

Advanced technology



Jiangsu Luxinda is one of the largest and most reputed manufacturers in China.

Jiangsu Luxinda offers basic to advanced models of Thermoplastic Road Marking Equipments, Paint removal Equipments and other allied equipments.


LXD-II road surface blowing machine

LXD-II road surface blowing machine is an auxiliary equipment for road line marking construction, which mainly used to sweep the road surface before road marking construction.

It is equipped with gasoline engine which can drive the fan to work,its powerful wind pressure can clean up impurities and dust of the road.

It has the shelf to place primer barrel,which can help you complete the job of cleaning and primer painting synchronously.

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LXD-II high pressure combined road surface sweeping machine

LXD-II high pressure road surface sweeping machine mainly used to clean bleeding cement, mud, capping mass and cold paint marking line. It is equipped with strength regulator which can be adjusted according to the situation of road surface.

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