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Airport Safety Markings – AN UNCOMPROMISED NEED

ITS Coatings Your trusted partner to enhance the safety at the Airports

The focus on runway safety incorporates many initiatives to reduce runway incursions. Among such initiatives, quality of airfield markings is continuously being enhanced to increase the visibility in all weather conditions. Reducing the number of runway incidents and excursions is one of the top priorities of Airport Authorities across the world, as runway mishaps can prove catastrophic.


ITS realised that traffic Paints is a very specialized area and needs a completely different understanding and expertise, not available with most regular paint manufacturers. Consequently, ITS commenced manufacturing of Speciality Water Based and Solvent Based Traffic Paints with a focus on the Airports and Seaports segment where high quality markings are of utmost importance to ensure safety.

ITS Coatings provides a comprehensive combination of:

Premium quality water based paint for better visibility and high performance ensuring better safety with low maintenance

Finest quality airport glass beads with excellent retro reflectivity

Graco airless‎ spray machine for efficient installation of airport markings

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With an extensive global business exposure to traffic markings, ITS Coatings have introduced 

iTraff   range of premium quality Waterborne Acrylic Traffic Paint specially formulated for Airports in India

Our special product range for Airport Markings includes:


      iTraff Water Based Paint

      Glass Beads

      Graco Equipment

  Airport  Applications by ITS Coatings in India 
Shirdi Airport
Bhubaneswar  Airport 
Kochi Airport
Hyderabad  Airport 
Vishakhapatnam  Airport 
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