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AAA Approved

Manufacturer of Runway, Apron and Taxiway Marking Paints

Airport Safety Markings :

High Quality IS-164 compliant Paint & Retro-reflective Paint for Airport Markings

ITS manufactures Speciality Water Based and Solvent Based Traffic Paints with a focus on the Airports and Seaports segment where high quality markings are of utmost importance to ensure safety.

Our persistent efforts in manufacturing paints which not only comply to the required standards but exceed your expectations in terms of performance & endurance has made ITS Coatings to become one of the five vendors approved by Airport Authority of India for the supply of Airport Marking Paint. Within a short span, ITS Coatings is perhaps the only Indian company to have international approval for our paints and has been successfully supplying to major airports across India and exporting to foreign airports too.

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Our special product range for Airport Markings includes:


      iTraff ™ Water Based Paint

      Instanglo® Drop on Glass Beads

      Lux® Drop on Glass Beads

      Graco® Equipments

      Paint Removal Equipments

Airport  Applications by ITS Coatings in India 
Shirdi Airport
Bhubaneswar  Airport 
Kochi Airport
Airport Safety Markings
Hyderabad  Airport 
Airport Safety Markings
Vishakhapatnam  Airport 
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