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Graco LineLazer V 250 DC, self-propelled system and Graco ES1000, a battery operated, road marking, noise-free equipment now in stock!!

LineLazer® ES 1000 

 Ideal for :
        Factories & Warehouses – indoor striping
        Nighttime – where noise is a concern
        Any job where battery-powered benefits are desired

Powered by a 12V 100 Ah AGM high-output battery

“Go Green” with this quiet, fume-free striper!

Indoor/outdoor, day or night!

Advanced pressure control system delivers consistent
spray fan resulting in unmatched line quality

No Engine Fumes
No Engine Noise
No Engine vibratioon

Innovative gun adjustment design with “G” Clamp
holder system

LineLazer V 250DC 

Dual Color Line Striping System


Spray two colors simultaneously with Graco’s new LineLazer V 250 dc.
Ideally suited for airports, municipalities, DOTs or anyone who needs to spray highlight lines or other dual-color stripes.
The LineLazer V 250 dc redefines line-striping productivity and flexibility by spraying two colors simultaneously or independently.
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