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High Friction

Surface Treatment

Road Safety Redefined

An affordable and highly effective lifesaving technology: Introduced in India for the first time by us  

What is HFST? – A Life-Saving Treatment

HFST is a unique and specialized surface treatment used to increase friction at critical locations on  roadways such as horizontal curves to help motorists maintain better control of their vehicles in dry and wet conditions.




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A low-cost, proven Technology
     for simplified Roadway safety

A Safety Advantage 

  • Reduces stopping distance: At 60 MPH (on wet or dry roads), HFST can reduce stopping distances upto 40% on dry roads and 70% on wet roads through friction improvements.

  • Only low cost, active protection solution: An alternative to signage, warning indicators, warning combinations and road markings, to increase safety effectiveness levels for horizontal curves. 

  • Low cost, safety solution qualifies for 100% safety funding under highway safety improvement programs.

  • Long lasting with high friction value for 10 years of service.

  • Can bring about a 43% reduction in all fatal and serious injury crashes

Advantages and Application Areas for HFST
Application Areas: 
>> Horizontal Curves
>> Intersections
>> Parking Areas
>> Rural Roadways
>> Industrial Sites
>> Bridge Decks
>> On-ramps

>> High Occupancy Lanes
>> School Zones
>> Toll Authority Entrances
>> Hospital Entrances
>> Bike Lanes
>> Bus Lanes
>> Pedestrian Walkways
Advantages of High Friction Surface Treatment
  2017 Penn DOT Crash Analysis Results, Villanova University 
First trial project in India by ITS Coatings
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