Innovative lane demarcation systems    

iTrac™ :

Fast Installation

Environment Friendly

Long Lasting

Safer pathways with Skid Resistant Road Demarcation Systems: Compatible with asphalt and concrete 

iTrac™ is an exceptional anti-skid surfacing system recommended for Road Demarcation and skid resistant surface applications. It comprises of a specially formulated binder system with a color coated glass aggregate manufactured using a proprietary technology which can be applied on concrete or asphalt surfaces. When applied, iTrac™ provides a tactile warning system with a high friction, non-fading, consistent color surface.
WHY use iTrac™?
iTrac™ is a smart, environment friendly and safe solution that provides a visual separation between vehicles and bicycle/ bus lanes. It is designed to define traffic spaces and protect the safety of bicyclists.
Ideal for use anywhere with bus and bicycle traffic, an iTrac™ lane would allow demarcation of vehicle and bike/bus traffic in their respective lanes. Given an average service life of 3 to 5 years in heavy traffic conditions, it is a highly cost effective solution.
First Trial in India:
We had successfully installed a pilot trial of 35 metre dedicated bicycle path at HSR layout, Bangalore earlier this year and are expecting to initiate the commercial venture soon.
Road/Lane Demarcation
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Wide spectrum of colors for specific design and application
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What makes iTrac™ special?

  • Can be installed efficiently within 5-8 hours resulting in minimal traffic disruption.

  • Low VOC, high strength binder system resistant to most gas and oils.

  • Uniquely coated glass particles enable color refection due to the underlying color on all of the facets even if the top coating wears out over time.

  • Glass helps filter out U/V adding to the longevity of color.

  • Environment friendly.

  • Versatile - available in different size gradations and large variety of colors for your specific design and application.

  • Can be repaired easily and quickly with minimal cost.

  • Can be applied manually and mechanically depending on the size of job.

Lane Demarcation Projects in India by ITS Coatings
Bicycle track Trial at Bangalore
Bicycle track Trial at Lucknow
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