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Plus9beads High Index Glass Beads

High Retro reflectivity

Global Standards

Perfect Shape

High Index Glass Beads: For Airport Markings 
Made by a unique and revolutionary manufacturing process comprising of purest form of raw materials that are melted into highly reflective material and shaped to finest microspheres of nearly 100% roundness. 
These are High Index Glass Beads designed specifically for Airport markings with a refractive index of +1.9 for drop on application with size gradation ranging from 300 – 850 microns.
The application also extends to Drop-On beads as they offer high retro reflectivity and enhance night time vision and better visibility under wet conditions at airport runaways, taxiways, aprons and ramps. 
Plus9beads® complies to SWARCO’s innovative force and constant commitment to create superior solutions.
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A High Significance Of Safety

  • Manufactured in Europe from pure glass melt

  • Complies with European EN standards and United States FAA. 

  • Used by airport authorities across the world.

  • High retro reflectivity over a long period enhances safety and reduces maintenance costs.

  • Crystal clear glass beads of high percentage roundness. 

  • Manufactured from virgin glass and can be distinguished from other glass beads by their high homogeneity and brilliance. 

  • Offer high retroreflectivity and ideally suited for application in airports, where safety is accorded highest importance.

  • FAA approved glass beads complying  TTB-1325D Type III plus9beads® is a registered trademark of SWARCO

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