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itherm + iTraff + Graco = A perfect package  

>> Quality 

>> Expertise

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Why settle for less, when you can have the best ! Get the effective and complete solution 
SaFeLanes is an initiative of ITS Coatings, the Indian affiliate of Integrated Traffic Systems, USA for providing International standard safety markings using environmentally friendly Water based paint and Thermoplastic material.
Traffic paints is a very specialized area and needs a completely different understanding and expertise, not available with most regular paint manufacturers. We have this knowledge and the experience which is why the products we have formulated are of highest standards and perform in all weather conditions.
Why do you need SaFeLanes
From many practical experiences, we understood that most people do not know who to approach when it comes to doing safety markings and therefore end up compromising by getting a local painter or contractor to handle such jobs.
Typically, such painters or contractors use ordinary paint and apply it crudely by manual application which does not serve your purpose. Paint applied in this manner will not last and the quality would be very poor.
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For ideal results, the best way to apply these high quality markings is by using proper marking equipment and correct application techniques and therefore, ITS uses the latest technology machines to ensure quality markings that will last long.
ITS Coatings is proud to have associated with Graco, the world leader in the field of traffic paint application equipment for ensuring best in the class quality installation services.
We are perhaps the only company that manufactures its own paint, high quality retro reflective glass beads and offer application services under one roof, thereby guaranteeing:
■ Expert services          ■ Quality            ■ Peace of mind

   Applications of SaFeLanes by ITS Coatings in India 
Cochin Airport
Bhubaneswar Airport 
Navkar CFS
Matrix Parking
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