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Thermoplastic Markings


Low Maintenance

High Performance

High quality Thermoplastic Road / Traffic markings : ensuring safety with low maintenance

ITS Coatings manufactures high quality Thermoplastic Road / Traffic Markings that deliver better visibility and high performance ensuring safety with low maintenance.
Thermoplastic Road / Traffic Markings are the preferred choice of road authorities due to their long term performance, cost benefits and good retroreflectivity.
Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic
iTherm® Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic is formulated using high quality C5 petroleum resins which offer good heat stability, good adhesion and ease of application. iTherm® Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic can be used for all types of markings such as: intersections, long-line,legends and symbols, and is suitable for all kinds  of applications on asphalt  and Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) roads. iTherm™ Hydrocarbon Thermoplastic is available in granular powder form.
thermoplastic road marking paint
thermoplastic road marking paint
thermoplastic road marking paint
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iTherm® - Various Applications
thermoplastic road marking paint
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