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ITS Coatings specializes in rendering efficient installation services for markings and is proud to have associated with Graco, the world leader in the field of traffic paint application equipment’s for ensuring best in the class quality installation services.
Application is executed using world renowned GRACO airless spray machine with a team of professional experienced technicians.
We are perhaps the only company that manufactures its own paint, high quality retro reflective glass beads and offer application services under one roof, thereby guaranteeing:
  • High quality services
  • Quality
  • Peace of mind
The ITS Expertise: Making a difference

ITS offers International Standard Safety Markings Material and mechanized application services for Airports, Seaports, Parking Lots,  Internal roads in Malls, Factories, Offices and Residential complexes. 
Traffic paints application is a very specialized area and needs a completely different understanding and expertise, not available with most regular local paint contractors. 

Typically, such painters or contractors use ordinary paint and apply it crudely by manual application which does not serve your purpose. Paint applied in this manner will not last and the quality would be very poor.

For ideal results, the best way to apply these high quality markings is by using proper marking equipment and therefore, ITS uses the latest technology machines to ensure quality markings that will last long.

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Advantages of machines over conventional methods of markings:

It is important to use the correct application techniques to achieve quality installations which are pivotal.
Hence, it is recommended to use airless spray machines at the airports as it provides substantial benefits such as:
>> Produces an even and uniform film thickness at the required coverage [rate] and markings can be applied of uniform cross sections and clear-cut edges without running or spattering and without over spray.

>> Dispensing of glass beads is uniform.

>> Achieves precise and consistent lines.

>> Marking jobs are completed efficiently reducing the downtime of operations.
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